You can contact our technical support team between 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday via our ticket system or by calling 01277 888438 opt 3, for leased line customers who have full 24/7 support response please raise a ticket or contact the Skyline 24/7 response number given when you signed up for our services.

The best way to get help from our team is to raise a ticket where it goes straight to our engineers to examine.


So that we are able to accept any fault into support please ensure you have included full details including company name, circuit reference, delivery address, full description of the fault complete with examples of tier 1 fault finding (i.e. trace showing packet loss, speedtest showing slow speed, etc.). 

If any of the above has not been included in the initial report please ensure this (along with all future correspondence on this fault) are uploaded to this ticket through the Skyline ticket portal.

You can also update the ticket via email but please ensure you don't change the text in the subject or a new ticket will be opened and may cause delays in responding. 

Should Skyline need to attend site and discover the fault to be either beyond the Skyline demarc or accidental damage to Skyline equipment, Skyline reserve the right to charge a call out fee and hardware costs to resolve the fault.