Did you know that in most cases the faults reported by customers are resolved by turning their router off for a moment, then back on again. Never press or hold any reset button on your router.

My internet is much slower than it used to be, i struggle to load pages.

There are a number of reasons for this but the number one reason is because there is a device or devices on your network using a lot of data, a bit like turning on a water tap to full it will reduce the pressure to the other taps in the house. Devices do updates usually when you are not using that device so unfortunately if nobody is downloading anything then there is a good chance it's updating without your knowledge.

There are several workarounds including upgrading to a faster service and setting up QOS on your network so you can prioritize services like phones or streaming.

Buffering TV's and country of origin errors.

It is always recommended you cable any IPTV to the router instead of wifi, this will reduce the buffering.

If you are streaming ultra HD and your connection is below 25Mbps then you are going to have problems, reduce the video quality or upgrade your connection are the best options.

From time to time you may experience a message or error on your IPTV saying "this content is not available in your country" and may say you are in France etc, despite messages stating "contact your isp" there is nothing isp's can do to rectify this as your IP address is fixed in the UK and therefore no fault to fix, sometimes the media companies geo lookup tools get it wrong. To prove this you can ask a search engine "what is my ip address" and the various links will show that your IP address is in the UK , it has however been noted that some devices detect your location through the Freeview connection so if you don't have one or a poorly tuned one this may cause random issues.

Wifi passwords, router passwords.

Skyline Networks does not store any passwords relating to your equipment, our helpful engineers may set you up on the day of installation but you will need to keep your own records and outsource to an IT professional if required. 

No longer receiving my sky-mail.net emails.

If your email address looks like yourname@sky-mail.net and you are not receiving new emails this is often caused by going over your inbox mail storage limit , delete any unwanted mail especially with attachments then empty trash and spam/junk folders to free space. 

In some cases it is required that we increase your mail limit to allow you to clear space, contact our support team if you are still unable to receive new emails, if your email address is not @sky-mail.net then you will need to contact your email provider for support.